Domestic and abroad aluminum raw extract is obtained from different types of raw material preparation team of experts from the field will be tailored to condition stacked melting furnaces.

The aluminum and its standards report to show up with international specifications features which is conforming semi-aluminum manufactured at the high capacity ovens.

Raw materials were prepared to melting, afficient and high-quality melt the alloying with the reverberatory furnace which has high melting technology in our induction and rotary kiln.

Reverberatory furnaces are widely used to melt secondary aluminium scrap for eventual use by die-casting industries.The reverberatory furnaces has a deep bottom portion,side walls,front and rear walls and ceiling.Reverberatory furnaces is shaped like a rectangular prism.Disposed on the front wall works with burners.Long flame fuels(gas,oil or pulverized coal)is used.The material charging of flames desirable licking.Ceiling, is heated by heat supplied by the flame and the charge is heated by radiation.There is very little reaction during the charge in the furnace with fuel and combustion products.Fuel is used to provide the heat required in the oven and it passes through the heat procured charge more radiation.

Each casting is rigorously been tested in the lab’s who are filled with the advanced quality control equipment of the firm.

It is a metal with different dimensions, weights and degrees of aluminum purity. It is generally used by melting and casting in order to obtain different products. A5 – A6 – A7 – A8 grade aluminum ingots can be supplied as T-Bar, ingot and ingot, depending on the usage and transportation needs within the ALM Aluminum Market.

A7 P1020A aluminum, aluminum with a minimum of 99.7% purity

A8 P0610 aluminum, aluminum with a minimum of 99.8 % purity

A5 aluminum alloy, In this alloy class, Al 99.50 and 0.50% Fe,Si,Cu values ​​are contained in the alloy
A6 aluminum alloy, In this alloy class, Al 99,60 remaining 0,40% Fe,Si,Cu values ​​are contained in the alloy.


Standard Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Coil


Alloys : 1xxx, 3003, 3005, 3105, 5005, 5754
Temper : 0, H1x, H2x
Thickness : 0,2mm – 4mm
Width : Max 1.500mm
Coil OD : Max 1.800mm
Coil ID : 150mm – 508mm
Coil Weight : Max. 9500kg

Tread Plate

Alloys : 1050
Temper : H18, H244
Thickness : 1 mm – 3 mm
Bar Height : 1 mm

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